The Disney-Fox Merger and the Rapidly Evolving Streaming Service Market: Just What Mickey Mouse Ordered

By Jackson Long


The oligopoly comprising of the “Big 5” media conglomerates continues to have an appetite for mergers. The proposed Disney-Fox deal shifts the majority of content and production assets from one Big 5 conglomerate to another, creating a massive aggregation of market power for Disney. In an era where the public is already skeptical of top-down biases and concentration in the media, Disney’s potential grip on traditional film, television, and broadcast media makes it out to be an antitrust villain…

Intent To Be Bound: How the XFL Can Challenge The NFL’s Contract Structure

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By Nathan Shackelford

If the XFL really wants to compete with the NFL, guaranteed contracts would be a great way for the XFL to distinguish itself and become more marketable to players.

Was Ezekiel Elliot’s Hearing Really an “Arbitration Hearing”?

By Nathan Shackelfordzeke

Since the NFLPA does not seem to consent to Henderson as an arbitrator, should this hearing be called an arbitration?

Qatar – By Megan Mohler

International Mega-sports events as the Impetus for Labour Law Reform Worldwide, One Host Country at a Time: QatarRelated image

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Are Sports Agents Above the Law? – By Alex Romeo

An Analysis of Current Statutory & Regulatory Constraints’ Effectiveness at Curbing Abuses

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Taking a Knee – By Nathan Hopkins

Taking a Knee: The Difficulty of Making the Free Speech Argument Against the NFL

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Dreams Shattered – By Kornel Rady

A Trend Coaches and Universities Must Address